Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is Android One ? Should I Buy it ?

Well we have heard about Android One ,But Honestly many peoples don't know what it actually is ?
even i did'nt knew devil
So here is a quick article on Android One.

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So the first question come in mind What the hell is Android One ?

Is it a android operating system ?
No way.
I found the proper defination of android one on the official android site 
i.e : (http://www.android.com/one/india/)
So Android One is a new generation of smart phone which automatically gets updated to its latest version of android operating system.
Hell Yeah so simple as that !!

It also includes many outstanding features only for Airtel Users :

  • Free Software Updates and App Downloads without any data charges - When using an Airtel SIM card, you can upgrade to the latest version of Android without using any data for the download. Any apps you download from the Google Play Store don’t count against your data usage either (up to 200MB per month).
  • Watch YouTube Videos Offline - This feature is comming soon ,Now you can save data charges by just saving the video you want to watch & later you can view it offline.

Other important notes for AirTel users :
  • Validity for automatic & free android updates is upto 2 year : That means after 2 year you need to pay data charges to update your smart phone.
  • Maximum data limit for android updates are 100 MB per month : you can only use 100 megabytes of data per month for android updates ,after that charges may apply.
  •  And the great one is you can download playstore application for free upto 6 months & data limit is 200MB per month.

Where to buy ?

Conclusion : Android one is an awesome smart phone & you should definately buy it
So have any doubt go ahead and comment below kiki


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