Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can't add an existing company page as work on my timeline - Solution

Well we all must have suffered this problem.When we are trying to add our bussiness page as our our place of work on profile actually we can't find our fan page? 

Well i have found a great solution for this 
problem which 100% works if you do all the step properly.
You will need Web Developer extension for this tutorial : Download it from here

Here are the list of step you need to perform :

1) First Download an "Web Developer" extension for your browser (Google Chrome/Firefox)
2) If you are a page admin > go to your page> Update info> note down your Facebook page ID (For example say 127458307291610)
If not an admin> Request page admin for ID
3) Then go to your profile> update Info> Under Work and Education Section
-"write page name" (No matter if it doesn't list select any one)
4)After selecting any page Click on "Web Developer" icon (Gear Icon)
> click on forms> Then click on display form details.
##all forms details will display for your page##
5)search for below syntax
<input autocomplete="off" name="employer_id"> 127458307291619 (Example ID for other page 127458307291619)
6)Just replace ID: 127458307291619 with your FB page ID 127458307291610
7)Then Disable the "Form Details" from extension
8) Fill necessary info and save the changes

You will see the exact page in your "work and education" which you want..

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