Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to search a record in datagridview in VB.Net

In the post i am going to show the various method available to search a record in datagridview.
Before that just take a look at LIKE Clause :
The SQL LIKE clause is used to compare a value to similar values using wildcard operators.
Means if you search for 'a' then it will show all the records starting with letter 'a'

A Normal Search Example :

Search using Like Clause

Ok so lets start with a simple one :
After adding a textbox & datagridview to your form ,double click your textbox 
and paste the following code:
Me.Your binding name.Filter="Your column name = ' " & Your search textbox & " ' "

Or if your want you can use this one(Using LIKE Clause) :Me.YourBindingSourceName.Filter = "[Column Name] like '*" & TextBox Name & "*' "

Tip : If you are using SQL Server then replace * with %
Note : These methods working only if you have added Binding source in our program.

Watch Video with an example :

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to move borderless form (100% EASY) in VB.Net

Hey guys well form properties with formborderstyle - None is very good option
for customizing your form.
But the problem with this is we can't make our form draggable/movable.
I have a very good solution for this problem

Borderless Form Example

Just go to your form code & paste this code below public class form1 :

Note  : Here form1 is your form name

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to create a screen locker in VB.Net(Disable Alt+F4,Alt+Tab,Win Key etc)

In this tutorial we will see how to make a screen locker in with Alt+ Tab,Alt+ F4,Alt+ Esc,Windows key & Task Manager Disabled .

Steps :

1) Create a new project in visual studio.
2) Select form properties and set FormBorderStyle to None and WindowState to Maximized.
3) Now add a Timer set its interval to 1 & select enabled = true
4) Double click your windows application form.
5) Erase the entire code and paste the code given below

This Code Helps to Disable Alt+F4,ALT+Tab,ALT+ Esc,Win Key & Task Manager :

6) Now add a label & textbox change its text to "Enter Password" & Login respectively.
7) Now go to Solution Explorer & select My Project
8) In my project select Settings add password in Name Column ,Set its Type as String & value to 1234 as shown below.

9) Now go back to form1 and double click login button & add the following code :
If TextBox1.Text = My.Settings.password Then
MsgBox("Incorrect Password", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
End If
10) Save ii & Debug your project.

Note : Use 1234 as your password

Watch Video :

Friday, May 23, 2014

Youtube Video downloader PRO (YTD) + Crack Full Version

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Whats new ?
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Create a Simple Registration Form in VB.Net

In this tutorial we are going to learn basics controls of Visual Basic Dot Net .If you are a beginner then this tutorial is for you .

1)Open Visual Studio
2)Select File->New Project
3)Select "windows form application" & Name your project whatever you want.
4)Hit Ctrl+Alt+X to get "Tool Box".
5)To Create a form we need following things/controls:
a)Labels - To write text on our form.
b)TextBox's - To provide user to input some data.
c)Checkbox - To provide multiple selection.
d)Buttons - To Submit the written information.
e)Radio Buttons - To Choose single thing at a time
6)Now after studing all the functions ,we will move towards designing phase.
7)Well for designing a form we just need to 'Drag' controls on the form.
8)For better understanding, its much better to watch video of this tutorial , so here's the video

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


host website using google drive
Google Drive is a file storage service (like Dropbox) provided by Google. It enables users to store their files on cloud storage and share files with others. So In this article we will see how to host your personal website using Google Drive. Google offers all users an initial 15 GB of online storage space to store their files, which is good enough to host personal website. But do notice Google Drive do not provide DNS service to assign custom domain name for your site.


1) First go to Google Drive → Create a new folder → Rename it → Click on "Create and share".
google drive web host

2) Now click on Share folder icon → click on "Change" to change the access for folder → Set Visibility option "Public on the web" → Click on "Save" → and click on "Done".

google drive web host

google drive web host

3) Now upload your html files there. You can create another folder for your images and css files and upload these file in respective folders.
google drive web host

4) After uploading, click on your "index.html" file. You will see "Open" option at bottom of your right hand site. Click on it.
google drive web host

5) It will open your index.html file to another tab. To see your website click on "Preview" button.
google drive web host

It's done. If you want to share the link of your website, share the Preview URL to others which looks like this - "".


1) Your home page must named as "index.html"
2) Google don't provide DNS service to assign Domain name. So you cannot assign DNS based domain name for your hosted website. You can use URL forwarding for your website.