Saturday, April 26, 2014

Samsung Secret Unlock Codes & Tricks

Recently i got a PDF from my friend which includes samsung mobile unlocks code & tricks.
So i have listed few of them, if you want more then download this PDF Listed below.

Some unlock codes :
To unlock your phone put a
sim from another company,
now type *#9998*3323#
it will reset your phone. Push
exit and then push 7,
it will reset again. Put your
other sim in and it will say sim
type in 00000000 then it should
be unlocked. Type in *0141#
then the green call batton and
it’s unlocked to all networks.
This code may not work on the
older phones and some of the
newer phones.
If it doesn’t work you will have
to reset your phone without a
sim in it by typing
*#2767*2878# or

Download PDF (Samsung galaxy tip & tricks) 


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