Saturday, April 26, 2014

Free Domain Name Registration Sites

Well ,everyone want free domain name for their blog .So i have made a list of websites who provide free domain names for your blog or website.But still i dont recommend any free domain name registration because these are low level domains, spend few dollars and buy a ".Com" would be a great choice

List :

  1. DotTk :If you want a free .tk domain then now you can get it from .You can register unlimited domains on it.But some Domains are paid.
  2. : Expired
  3. This is one of the uncommon domain,and so known by lessusers.Get this domain from
  4. :- This is now one of he domain which is getting popular among bloggers and you can get it from address.
  5. Is your blog an organization? better use this freedomain.Get it from address.
  6. & is other uncommon domain but its worth a try friends!
  7. .Free: get this domain for free from you are providing free stuff on your blog then this is the best domain as it would suit your blog address too!
  8. was one of the best and popular domains among bloggers but now as sites are deindexed from Google [not Recommanded]
  9. This is another unique free domain which i found in one of the blogs,it was founded in december 2011 and is getting popular day by day
  10. uncommon domain registrar and haven’t tried it once but reviews of it are good.You can get such type of
  11. other free domain but its not recommanded as i have never tried it! but you can get this domain from
  12. another cool domain which i found on google.You can get this domain from
  13. Its another low profile domain which is free to choose you can get get from :)
  14. other good free domain that you can use and there are also other free domain options that you can choose, take this domain and such other types of it from
  15. Hosting:-If you want free wordpress hosting you can with their official free domain too visit them at


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