Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To Insert Like button To Downloads in Blogger:

In this article i will show you how to insert a facebook like button before download button.
Still Confused ?
What it is ?
The best example for this is the survey site .
They allow user to download file only after completing the survey
It is same like that but here user needs to like our facebook picture .
Then only they can download the file
We will insert this widget in our posts, so users can easily download specific files by liking our page so to do so follow the following instructions.
Go To Blogger >> Create a New Post
Now Select  HTML Tab and paste the following code there.

Replace with your Facebook Fan Page.
Replace  with the downloading link you want to attach to this widget.
Replace  520px  if you want to adjust the widget of this widget.
Replace  163  if you wish to change the height of your widget
Now after customizing your widget, publish the post and that's it. 


  1. Thanks abhishek

  2. I was trying but now when i open my blog it transefer to another site name how can i fix it Avisek da