Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top Website for Anonymous surfing

The sites listed below support free, Web-based anonymous proxy servers. An anonymous Web proxy is a type of proxy server that works through a Web form (also often called a CGI proxy). Instead of configuring the address of the server in the browser as is done for HTTP orSOCKS proxies, you simply navigate to the home page of the Web / CGI proxy, where proxy functionality is then enabled for each browsing session. The top free anonymous Web proxy servers are described below.

1. Proxify

Unlike most other anonymous Web proxies, Proxify supports encryption via the SSL and HTTPS network protocols. Proxify also handles the basic functions of an anonymous proxy server well including hiding your IP address and filtering of cookies.

2. Anonymouse

Anonymouse supports Web, email and Usenet (news) proxies and has existed on the Internet for many years now. In addition to the free open access, a low-cost subscription is available for those who want to upgrade to faster proxy servers and additional services. Anonymouse supports both English and German languages.

3. Anonymizer

Anonymizer may the best-known name among the anonymous Web proxy services. While it does offer a free service, most of the Anonymizer site is decided to "up-selling" various related products. WHen using the free proxy, be prepared to see flashing "UPGRADE NOW!" messages in the status bar of your browser.

4. Ninja Cloak

This free, Web-based proxy utilizes CGI. To start an anonymous session from the Ninja Cloak home page, scroll down to the text box and enter the URL of a site to visit. An HTTPS option is also available providing additional security protection on the connection between your computer and the proxy.


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