Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Get Victim's IP Address

What is an IP ?
An IP is something which can be used to find out the Computer's Location...Its like an address to the Computer with which a H@cker or even a lay man can be traced to his House.In short it is an address to a Computer location just like your House Address !

How to steal an IP ?
1.The first thing you have to do is go to
2.There you can create a free account !(The registration is really quick !)
3.Once you have registered and Confirmed your account,you can log into your "Newly Created account" !
4.Then you'll see an option "Software/Tools" on the Tab.Then click on "IP Stealer"
5.So then a new window will open up
6.So you just give this URL "" to your victim(Please DO NOT use this because I'll get the IP then.The URL is different for each and every account !)
7.When your victim visits this account.He will be automatically redirected to the website that you mentioned earlier and will have no clue that his IP was stolen !
8.You can also hide your URL to make it less suspicious.For ex. Go to Link Shortner  there you can shorten you URL and redirect the person to your IP Stealing URL.


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