Tuesday, January 28, 2014

H@ckthissite Solutions

Here is how to find the basic challenge passwords:

Basic 1 = Look at the code, it is right above the form code in a comment.
Basic 2 = The password is blank so just hit submit.
Basic 3 = Go to http://www.h@ckthissite.org/missions...3/password.txt
Basic 4 = If you are running firefox get the Tamper Data addin and change the to variable to your email address.
Basic 5 = copy this script javascript:alert(document.forms[0].to.va­lue="addyouremailid") and pase in the url ,now click send password to sam
Basic 6 = The algorithm just adds the 0 based index of current letter position to the ASCII value of the current letter in the text to encrypt so abc = ace. To decrypt the password subtract the 0 based index of the current letter position from the ASCII value of the encrypted password and see what you get.
Basic 7 = Enter "; ls" without quotes into the box you are supposed to enter the date into, you will see the password file in the list, go to it in your browser.
Basic 8 = Enter 'X!--#exec cmd="ls .."--X' as your name in the child's script then do the same as above (where X is either a greater or less than sign).
Basic 9 = Go back to the script for 8 then enter 'X!--#exec cmd="ls ../../9"--X' where X is either a greater or less than sign. Then do it like 8, but make sure when you know what the name of the file is you are relative to challenge 9 in your address bar.
Basic 10 = any password will work as long as you make the cookie say you are authorized to access it. To do this enter javascript:document.cookie = "level11_authorized = yes" in your address bar while on the page.

Passwords for Application Challenges:

App Challenge 1: smashthestate
App Challenge 2: liberation
App Challenge 3: fireyourboss
App Challenge 4: daytona
App Challenge 5: powertripping
App Challenge 6: magical
Q: Why did the push command cross the road?
A: To ret to the other side.

"Shakespeare has given us the age-old question, 'To be or not to be?' computer science has given us the answer: 'FF'.
0x2B | ~0x2B == 0xFF" - Unknown

"The average automobile now has more lines of software code in its engine controls than were required to land the Apollo astronauts on the Moon." - Elliot Chikofsky


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