Friday, January 17, 2014

16 Steps To Protect Your Facebook Fanpage From H@ckers

Now follow this steps below
  • 1. Setup a fake profile on Facebook and make friend with your orignal account(use
    an email address or Phone number that is not already used
    for Facebook)
  • 2. Log out of the fake account and log in
    to your Facebook account that has
    administrator privileges on the page or pages that you would like to protect.
  • 3. Click the ‘Account’ Button in the upper
    right of the screen.
  • 4. Click on ‘Use Facebook As Page’ option. (The page name you intend to protect)
  • 5. Click ‘Switch’ next the Fanpage that
    you would like to protect.
  • 6. Click ‘Edit Page’ button on the right
    side or by the middle side of the screen.

  • 7. WHen it opens, On the left side of the next screen click
    ‘Manage Admins.’

  • 8. In the ‘Specify an email address’ box
    enter the email or the name you use for the fake account you created in step one and click ‘Save
  • 9. Log out of Facebook and then Log in as
    the fake account.
  • 10. You should have received notice that
    you were made an admin of the fan page.
  • 11. Under ‘Account’ at the top right corner
    click ‘Account Settings.’
  • 12. Under ‘My Account’ & ‘Settings’ go to
    Deactivate Account and click ‘deactivate.’

  • 13. Walk through the deactivation process
    and now your fake profile will be hidden and will not show as an administrator on
    the protected page.
  • 14. To reactivate the account all you have
    to do is login with the same email or number and
    password that you used to set up the
  • 15. If your Page was h@cked: Reactivate
    fake profile, type the name of the page in
    the search bar, and then remove the
    h@cker as administrator for the page.
    (And report them to Facebook).
  • 16. You can use your fake account to protect multiple pages, just make sure
    the account is deactivated to protect the


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