Friday, January 31, 2014

Crack Searching Program

Well searching for a crack ?
then uhh are at right place ..
well this program is loaded with tons of cracks,keygen,date fucker(LOL !! its a program name)
and many more ..

Have a look :

Download and enjoy ..

RAR Password as usual :

Mediafire Link :
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 Contact me ^_^

Fileice Survey Killer

Hey guys ,well i get pretty much irrated by the bullshit surveys .
So this programs help us to bypass the Fileice survey's
I got this program from one of my friend who's a great h@cker..

So its simply to use :

Paste the link in the textbox ...
And hit Start Download

If you are getting any errors just click Reflect URl : ( As shown Below )

Now hit the Reflect button and a direct download link will be generated .

Download Link :

RAR Password :
Mediafire Link :

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Avast Internet Security 2014 V9.0 Patch till 2050

1. Disable self protection ..
uncheck avast self defence module

2. Rename ZeNiX.dll to Version.dll

3. Copy Version.dll to these folders

  c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\
  c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Setup

4. Delete Userenv.dll from above folders, if you find any.

5. Reboot


Alternate Link :

Password :
Watch Video :

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Get Victim's IP Address

What is an IP ?
An IP is something which can be used to find out the Computer's Location...Its like an address to the Computer with which a H@cker or even a lay man can be traced to his House.In short it is an address to a Computer location just like your House Address !

How to steal an IP ?
1.The first thing you have to do is go to
2.There you can create a free account !(The registration is really quick !)
3.Once you have registered and Confirmed your account,you can log into your "Newly Created account" !
4.Then you'll see an option "Software/Tools" on the Tab.Then click on "IP Stealer"
5.So then a new window will open up
6.So you just give this URL "" to your victim(Please DO NOT use this because I'll get the IP then.The URL is different for each and every account !)
7.When your victim visits this account.He will be automatically redirected to the website that you mentioned earlier and will have no clue that his IP was stolen !
8.You can also hide your URL to make it less suspicious.For ex. Go to Link Shortner  there you can shorten you URL and redirect the person to your IP Stealing URL.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

H@ckthissite Solutions

Here is how to find the basic challenge passwords:

Basic 1 = Look at the code, it is right above the form code in a comment.
Basic 2 = The password is blank so just hit submit.
Basic 3 = Go to
Basic 4 = If you are running firefox get the Tamper Data addin and change the to variable to your email address.
Basic 5 = copy this script javascript:alert(document.forms[0]­lue="addyouremailid") and pase in the url ,now click send password to sam
Basic 6 = The algorithm just adds the 0 based index of current letter position to the ASCII value of the current letter in the text to encrypt so abc = ace. To decrypt the password subtract the 0 based index of the current letter position from the ASCII value of the encrypted password and see what you get.
Basic 7 = Enter "; ls" without quotes into the box you are supposed to enter the date into, you will see the password file in the list, go to it in your browser.
Basic 8 = Enter 'X!--#exec cmd="ls .."--X' as your name in the child's script then do the same as above (where X is either a greater or less than sign).
Basic 9 = Go back to the script for 8 then enter 'X!--#exec cmd="ls ../../9"--X' where X is either a greater or less than sign. Then do it like 8, but make sure when you know what the name of the file is you are relative to challenge 9 in your address bar.
Basic 10 = any password will work as long as you make the cookie say you are authorized to access it. To do this enter javascript:document.cookie = "level11_authorized = yes" in your address bar while on the page.

Passwords for Application Challenges:

App Challenge 1: smashthestate
App Challenge 2: liberation
App Challenge 3: fireyourboss
App Challenge 4: daytona
App Challenge 5: powertripping
App Challenge 6: magical
Q: Why did the push command cross the road?
A: To ret to the other side.

"Shakespeare has given us the age-old question, 'To be or not to be?' computer science has given us the answer: 'FF'.
0x2B | ~0x2B == 0xFF" - Unknown

"The average automobile now has more lines of software code in its engine controls than were required to land the Apollo astronauts on the Moon." - Elliot Chikofsky

How to Suggest all Friends on Facebook

Suggesting all friend on facebook is a damn boring task.I have found a script which does that automatically within few seconds.

Steps :
1: Get the Code from Here
2: Ctrl + A to select all of it and then Ctrl + C to copy
3: Return to facebook and go to your friend profile
Chrome User :-
-► Press F12 ConsoleBox.
-► Paste All The Code .
-► Enter .

FireFox User :-
-► Press Ctrl+Shift+K
-►Paste All The Code .
-► Enter

How to Add all Friends to Facebook Group

Steps :
Go to the group

#Chrome User :-

-► Ctrl+Shift+J to get ConsoleBox .
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl+v ) .
-► Enter & DONE .

#Mozilla User :-

-► Ctrl+Shift+k to get ConsoleBox
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl+v ) .
-► Enter & DONE.
Script : 

Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Invite Friends to Like a Facebook Page

Steps :
Make sure you use facebook as Normal User
Now goto your facebook page
Copy this Code : Click Here

#Chorme User :-
-► Hit Ctrl+Shift+J to get ConsoleBox .
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl v ) .
-► Enter & DONE .

#Mozilla User :-
-► Hit Ctrl+Shift+k to get ConsoleBox
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl v ) .
-► Enter & DONE.

How to Mention all Friends in Comments on your Post

Steps :
Click on the post's time (As show Below)

Copy the script : Click Here
#Chorme User :-
-►Hit Ctrl+Shift+J to open ConsoleBox .
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl v ) .
-► Enter & DONE .
#Mozilla User :-
-►Hit Ctrl+Shift+k ConsoleBox
-► Paste All The Code ( Ctrl v ) .
-► Enter & DONE.

How to Check who Visited your Facebook Profile

Steps :
Step 1) Go to your Facebook Profile Page.
Step 2) Now Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard for see source code of your profile page.
Step 3) Now press Ctrl + F from your keyboard to open search box.
Step 4) Now search this code
Step 5) There are some Facebook Profile Ids of your friends who visited recently.
Step 6) The first one ID's are showing visits the most number of time.
Step 7) Now if your want to find out, Open a new tab Enter
below link : Facebook ProfileId
Example :

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Setup a free VPN

First open network & sharing center

Note: If you are connecting to United States Free SSTP VPN server, please for above fields;
Note: If you are connecting to United Kingdom Free SSTP VPN server, please for above fields;
Note: If you are connecting to Canada Free SSTP VPN server, please for above fields;
Note: Please use vpn as username and free as password for above fields;

Great, you are connected to our world first SSTP based free VPN service! Before starting browsing the websites you are interested, please MAKE SURE to visit
Source : 

Free VPN Services :

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