Sunday, October 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Crack/Activation Key Free Download all Versions

Hello everyone, todays article is on Windows 8.1 Crack or Activation Key Free Download.In this article i am going to show you guys how to activate any version of Windows 8.1 for free.

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Free download Windows 8.1 Activator! Use this Activator to activate your version of Windows 8.1 without any problem. This is a KMSAuto Net activator which activates all of your Windows 8.1 versions (including Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows RT 8.1 etc) like a charm. It doesn't install any Scam or other malicious software, it just simply activates your Windows without any problem. 
So first of all download the Crack/Patch File for Here

How to use ?

  • Extract the downloaded files
  • Run KMSAuto Net as administrator
  • Go to about tab and select Professional Mode
  • Now under the main tab you can see Activate Windows Button 
  • Click it & wait until you get this message "Product successfully activated"
  • Thats it !! Now your Windows 8.1 is activated Successfully.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to Get Free Subscribers on YouTube

Getting subscribers on YouTube is really a tought job, so once again i am back with an awesome technique which will help you in increasing your YouTube Subscribers !! Yeah How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers Very Fast. Its totally Free you don't need to pay anything for it & Yeah its very easy you don't need to crack Youtube or Google - Whatever !!
Well sounds cool so lets get started.

So first of all let me introduce you the concept  :

  • There is a website called submenow which help us to get free YouTube subscribers.
  • What this website actually does is it uses an app (Similar as facebook apps) & using that app it subscribes to other youtube channels.
  • Confused ? Let me clear it , When you visit the website for the first time it will ask you to allow permission on an Google App.

how to get subscribers on youtube
  • Now this app uses special permissions like View your email address and bla bla bla !!
  • But there is a special permission which is highlighted in the above picture called Manage your YouTube account.
  • Using this permission they can totally control your YouTube account.
  • So using your account they subscribe to other channels & using other accounts they will subscribe to your channel - very simple !!
How to use ?
  • First of all visit
  • Now you will see a button which says "Subscribe Me Now" click that button.
  • Now you will be asked to Accept the permission of Submenow app ,Accept it.
  • After that you will be prompt with their Terms & Conditions , read them carefully & accept them.
  • Now you will get two choices that are : Free & Free +

  • Choose the Free + Plan & select Subscribe me now
Thats it now you will get 10 Subscribers within 24 hours and after 24 hours you can again repeat the procedure.So in 10 days you get 100 Subscribers in a month 300 and in a year 3650 (I guess tongue)

Note : Do not unsubscribe to the channels that are automatically subscribe by Submenow App otherwise you could be banned permantently and Yeah you can call this a big disadvantage of using submenow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is Android One ? Should I Buy it ?

Well we have heard about Android One ,But Honestly many peoples don't know what it actually is ?
even i did'nt knew devil
So here is a quick article on Android One.

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So the first question come in mind What the hell is Android One ?

Is it a android operating system ?
No way.
I found the proper defination of android one on the official android site 
i.e : (
So Android One is a new generation of smart phone which automatically gets updated to its latest version of android operating system.
Hell Yeah so simple as that !!

It also includes many outstanding features only for Airtel Users :

  • Free Software Updates and App Downloads without any data charges - When using an Airtel SIM card, you can upgrade to the latest version of Android without using any data for the download. Any apps you download from the Google Play Store don’t count against your data usage either (up to 200MB per month).
  • Watch YouTube Videos Offline - This feature is comming soon ,Now you can save data charges by just saving the video you want to watch & later you can view it offline.

Other important notes for AirTel users :
  • Validity for automatic & free android updates is upto 2 year : That means after 2 year you need to pay data charges to update your smart phone.
  • Maximum data limit for android updates are 100 MB per month : you can only use 100 megabytes of data per month for android updates ,after that charges may apply.
  •  And the great one is you can download playstore application for free upto 6 months & data limit is 200MB per month.

Where to buy ?

Conclusion : Android one is an awesome smart phone & you should definately buy it
So have any doubt go ahead and comment below kiki

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Skip any Mission in GTA San Andreas

In this article we are going to see How to Skip Missions in GTA San Andreas Pc.
We all know that GTA San Andreas Creates a folder named "GTA San Andreas User Files" inside documents, here all the application data is saved like Mp3 Tracks,Pictures and Saved games.
If you open the folder "GTA San Andreas User Files" then you can see a file named GTASAsf1.b Or file with .b extension.
This file contains the information of the number of mission completed.
When ever you complete a mission the file get overwrited and add some information to it.
So in order to h@ck the game we need to replace/add the file "GTASAsf1.b" .

Downloads :
Set of completed missions

Procedure :

Stardock WindowBlinds 8.0 Full Crack with Patch

This article is on Stardock WindowBlinds 8.0 Full Crack with Patch.
Stardock WindowBlinds 8 is a windows desktop utility to customize the way your default windows appeareance into your own personal style.

Stardock WindowBlinds 8.0

Procedure :
1. Install WindowBlinds 8
2. After finish install, close the program/any open window(use task manager > Processes tab > end process tree for WBConfig)
3. Copy patch to program folder(C:\Program Files\Stardock\WindowBlinds)
4. Run the file As Administrator.
5. Click Save License then click Patch button.

6. Run WindowBlinds 8 & Enjoy . .

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Fix Galaxy Y Problems - bootloop,bricked phone and stuck on galaxy y logo

In this tutorial we will see how to fix galaxy y problems 

eg  bootloop,bricked phone and stuck on galaxy y logo.
To fix all these problem we need to unbrice our galaxy y.
To unbrick our device we need the following files:
Odin : Download
Essential Stuffs : Download

Tutorial :

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mac Theme For Windows 7/8

In this tutorial we are going to see how to make Windows 7/8 Exactly like Mac OS X Or Transform Windows 7/8 to Mac OS X.
Downloads : (WindowsBind+RocketDock)
Password :

Tutorial :
1) Extract the file that you have downloaded.
2) Install RocketDock & WindowsBind.
3) Now Double Click Mac OS X Ultimate.wba file present in the folder.
4) Extract the file (Make sure you select Extract Here).
5) Now copy/Cut the folder to C:\Program Files\Rocket Dock\Skin\
6) Launch Rocket Dock & Right Click the Dock go to Dock Settings -> Style
and Select Mac OS X Leopard.
7) Now Choose Icons & Change the Hover Effect to None & Hit Apply.
8) Launch Windows Bind & Find Mac OS X Ultimate, Select it & Hit Apply !
9) Enjoy your New Look :)

Having Problems Watch Video :

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mac theme for windows 8

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Tutorial] How to Unbrick/Flash Official Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

In this tutorial we are going to see how to unbrick your samsung galaxy ace GT- 5830i Device.
what kind of problems can be fixed by unbricking my device?
Boot Loops
Stuck on startup
Internal Memory is 0.0 Bytes
Any software related issue
The above problems can be fixed by unbricking your device.
Unbricking simply means unrooting your device & installing the original firmware. Downloads Required :
Samsung Galaxy Ace Drivers 
Other Files (Odin,PDA,Pit)

Proceduce :

Monday, July 28, 2014

Get Rid Of Spam Message On facebook

A new Facebook virus has infected more than 50K users.....are you one of them ??

Facebook viruses have been around for a while, but lately I’ve seen them cropping up even more frequently. You get a Facebook virus when you click on a link that installs malicious code or if you allow an untrusted application access to your account.

What to do if you too are infected from this virus ?

The first thing you have to do when you discover you have a Facebook virus is change your Facebook password.
Finally, check to be sure the application isn’t looking on your account. It’s probably not, but it’s good to be sure and now is a good time to clean out the apps you’re not using any more anyway. To check the apps connected to your account, follow these instructions:

1) Go to Account > Privacy Settings.
2) Click the Edit your Settings link under Apps and Websites.
3) Click the top Edit Settings button (by Apps You Use).
The Apps You Use page comes up listing all the apps you’ve allowed to have access to your account.(Mostly the app is named Xperia or HTC)
Go through the list and be sure you know each and every one of the apps.
If you’re unsure if the app is trusted or if you want to remove an app.

4) Click the Edit Settings button next to the app.

5) Click the Remove the app.
6) Thats it and you are safe now. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can't add an existing company page as work on my timeline - Solution

Well we all must have suffered this problem.When we are trying to add our bussiness page as our our place of work on profile actually we can't find our fan page? 

Well i have found a great solution for this 
problem which 100% works if you do all the step properly.
You will need Web Developer extension for this tutorial : Download it from here

Here are the list of step you need to perform :

1) First Download an "Web Developer" extension for your browser (Google Chrome/Firefox)
2) If you are a page admin > go to your page> Update info> note down your Facebook page ID (For example say 127458307291610)
If not an admin> Request page admin for ID
3) Then go to your profile> update Info> Under Work and Education Section
-"write page name" (No matter if it doesn't list select any one)
4)After selecting any page Click on "Web Developer" icon (Gear Icon)
> click on forms> Then click on display form details.
##all forms details will display for your page##
5)search for below syntax
<input autocomplete="off" name="employer_id"> 127458307291619 (Example ID for other page 127458307291619)
6)Just replace ID: 127458307291619 with your FB page ID 127458307291610
7)Then Disable the "Form Details" from extension
8) Fill necessary info and save the changes

You will see the exact page in your "work and education" which you want..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lab Login System in VB.Net

Overview :

Lab Login System is a mini project for handling login information of student in computer lab.
the main aim of the system is to store the login time & the logout time of the student.It is similar to cyber cafe system.

Some information regarding project :

Front End : VB.Net (VS 2012)
Back End : MS Access 2010
Netframe Version : 4.0 - Download Here

Admin Login :
Username : admin
Password :1234

RAR Password :

Watch Video :

                           Note : this project will only work on Visual studio 2012

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to change the background color for an MDI parent form in Visual Basic .NET

First of all How to create a MDI Form :

1) Click the form, and then, on the View menu, select Properties Window to view the properties for the form.
2) Set the BackColor property to the color that you want (such as LightBlue).
3) Set the IsMDIContainer property to True. Note that the background color of the

form changes to the color that the Application Background color is set to in Control Panel. 
4) Set the WindowState property to Maximized

Now How to Change its Colour :

1) Double-click the form to view its code window.
2) Paste the following code into the form's Load event handler: 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to search a record in datagridview in VB.Net

In the post i am going to show the various method available to search a record in datagridview.
Before that just take a look at LIKE Clause :
The SQL LIKE clause is used to compare a value to similar values using wildcard operators.
Means if you search for 'a' then it will show all the records starting with letter 'a'

A Normal Search Example :

Search using Like Clause

Ok so lets start with a simple one :
After adding a textbox & datagridview to your form ,double click your textbox 
and paste the following code:
Me.Your binding name.Filter="Your column name = ' " & Your search textbox & " ' "

Or if your want you can use this one(Using LIKE Clause) :Me.YourBindingSourceName.Filter = "[Column Name] like '*" & TextBox Name & "*' "

Tip : If you are using SQL Server then replace * with %
Note : These methods working only if you have added Binding source in our program.

Watch Video with an example :

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to move borderless form (100% EASY) in VB.Net

Hey guys well form properties with formborderstyle - None is very good option
for customizing your form.
But the problem with this is we can't make our form draggable/movable.
I have a very good solution for this problem

Borderless Form Example

Just go to your form code & paste this code below public class form1 :

Note  : Here form1 is your form name

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to create a screen locker in VB.Net(Disable Alt+F4,Alt+Tab,Win Key etc)

In this tutorial we will see how to make a screen locker in with Alt+ Tab,Alt+ F4,Alt+ Esc,Windows key & Task Manager Disabled .

Steps :

1) Create a new project in visual studio.
2) Select form properties and set FormBorderStyle to None and WindowState to Maximized.
3) Now add a Timer set its interval to 1 & select enabled = true
4) Double click your windows application form.
5) Erase the entire code and paste the code given below

This Code Helps to Disable Alt+F4,ALT+Tab,ALT+ Esc,Win Key & Task Manager :

6) Now add a label & textbox change its text to "Enter Password" & Login respectively.
7) Now go to Solution Explorer & select My Project
8) In my project select Settings add password in Name Column ,Set its Type as String & value to 1234 as shown below.

9) Now go back to form1 and double click login button & add the following code :
If TextBox1.Text = My.Settings.password Then
MsgBox("Incorrect Password", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
End If
10) Save ii & Debug your project.

Note : Use 1234 as your password

Watch Video :

Friday, May 23, 2014

Youtube Video downloader PRO (YTD) + Crack Full Version

Youtube Video Downloader - easy to use software that is designed for download and view video from popular services like YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video etc. The software allows you to convert video to MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV formats or for view on iPod, iPhone, PSP and other portable devices. YTD Video Downloader plays downloaded video files using the built-in player. The software has a simple and intuitive interface.
Whats new ?
I tested out downloading playlist's, It work better that previous version.
YTD Video Downloader version 4.0 doesn't add many new features, but performance of the latest update was impressive, and the app continues to work flawlessly on all the major video-streaming sites.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Create a Simple Registration Form in VB.Net

In this tutorial we are going to learn basics controls of Visual Basic Dot Net .If you are a beginner then this tutorial is for you .

1)Open Visual Studio
2)Select File->New Project
3)Select "windows form application" & Name your project whatever you want.
4)Hit Ctrl+Alt+X to get "Tool Box".
5)To Create a form we need following things/controls:
a)Labels - To write text on our form.
b)TextBox's - To provide user to input some data.
c)Checkbox - To provide multiple selection.
d)Buttons - To Submit the written information.
e)Radio Buttons - To Choose single thing at a time
6)Now after studing all the functions ,we will move towards designing phase.
7)Well for designing a form we just need to 'Drag' controls on the form.
8)For better understanding, its much better to watch video of this tutorial , so here's the video

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


host website using google drive
Google Drive is a file storage service (like Dropbox) provided by Google. It enables users to store their files on cloud storage and share files with others. So In this article we will see how to host your personal website using Google Drive. Google offers all users an initial 15 GB of online storage space to store their files, which is good enough to host personal website. But do notice Google Drive do not provide DNS service to assign custom domain name for your site.


1) First go to Google Drive → Create a new folder → Rename it → Click on "Create and share".
google drive web host

2) Now click on Share folder icon → click on "Change" to change the access for folder → Set Visibility option "Public on the web" → Click on "Save" → and click on "Done".

google drive web host

google drive web host

3) Now upload your html files there. You can create another folder for your images and css files and upload these file in respective folders.
google drive web host

4) After uploading, click on your "index.html" file. You will see "Open" option at bottom of your right hand site. Click on it.
google drive web host

5) It will open your index.html file to another tab. To see your website click on "Preview" button.
google drive web host

It's done. If you want to share the link of your website, share the Preview URL to others which looks like this - "".


1) Your home page must named as "index.html"
2) Google don't provide DNS service to assign Domain name. So you cannot assign DNS based domain name for your hosted website. You can use URL forwarding for your website.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Samsung Secret Unlock Codes & Tricks

Recently i got a PDF from my friend which includes samsung mobile unlocks code & tricks.
So i have listed few of them, if you want more then download this PDF Listed below.

Some unlock codes :
To unlock your phone put a
sim from another company,
now type *#9998*3323#
it will reset your phone. Push
exit and then push 7,
it will reset again. Put your
other sim in and it will say sim
type in 00000000 then it should
be unlocked. Type in *0141#
then the green call batton and
it’s unlocked to all networks.
This code may not work on the
older phones and some of the
newer phones.
If it doesn’t work you will have
to reset your phone without a
sim in it by typing
*#2767*2878# or

Download PDF (Samsung galaxy tip & tricks) 

Free Domain Name Registration Sites

Well ,everyone want free domain name for their blog .So i have made a list of websites who provide free domain names for your blog or website.But still i dont recommend any free domain name registration because these are low level domains, spend few dollars and buy a ".Com" would be a great choice

List :

  1. DotTk :If you want a free .tk domain then now you can get it from .You can register unlimited domains on it.But some Domains are paid.
  2. : Expired
  3. This is one of the uncommon domain,and so known by lessusers.Get this domain from
  4. :- This is now one of he domain which is getting popular among bloggers and you can get it from address.
  5. Is your blog an organization? better use this freedomain.Get it from address.
  6. & is other uncommon domain but its worth a try friends!
  7. .Free: get this domain for free from you are providing free stuff on your blog then this is the best domain as it would suit your blog address too!
  8. was one of the best and popular domains among bloggers but now as sites are deindexed from Google [not Recommanded]
  9. This is another unique free domain which i found in one of the blogs,it was founded in december 2011 and is getting popular day by day
  10. uncommon domain registrar and haven’t tried it once but reviews of it are good.You can get such type of
  11. other free domain but its not recommanded as i have never tried it! but you can get this domain from
  12. another cool domain which i found on google.You can get this domain from
  13. Its another low profile domain which is free to choose you can get get from :)
  14. other good free domain that you can use and there are also other free domain options that you can choose, take this domain and such other types of it from
  15. Hosting:-If you want free wordpress hosting you can with their official free domain too visit them at

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BittOo's Keylogger

Recently i have made a keylogger for my personal use.
I had just made some changes for publishing.
Its not that much cool it very simple , you can download it free below.

Features :
1) Save keystrokes in a textfile.
2) Can be hidden easily.
3) Portable.

Requirements :
Dot Netframwork 4.0 (Download Here)

Screenshot :

          Download Link :

Monday, April 7, 2014

Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial: How to make a simple calculator

Watch Tutorial :

Codes :

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Create a Simple Tic Tac Toe game in VB 2010

In this tutorial we will see how to create a Tic Tac Toe Game.
It's not a multiplayer game , you can play with CPU.
The level is not tought at all .                       

                              Screen Shots

Watch the tutorial :

               Codes : 

Password :

My Program   :
Source Code :

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apply online to get your voter id card!

Election Commission of Bharat has introduced a system to register the voters online. It is pretty simple to use the system.
1. Click on the link-
2. Select the link option “New User Registration”.
3. Enter your mobile number(Give personal number) as userid and your functional email id.
4. Then click on “Register” button.
5. Wait till the system sends an code through SMS to your mobile number (it takes at max 15 minutes).
6. Enter the code, received through SMS, in the text field and then click “Verify” to continue.
7. You will see following window as dashboard.
8. To register your name in electoral rolls, change address/name/constituency, remove name select the third option on the header “Submit New Application For Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in E-Roll”
9. Now select your state, then district and then assembly. (Assembly is the lowest denominator to segregate the voters in nation)
10. Then click “Submit” button.
11. You will see five various forms to choose from. Select one appropriately.
Form6 – Apply for including new voter
Form6A – Apply for including new voter (Bharatiy non-resident)
From7 – Apply an objection to an entry or deletion of an entry
Form8 – Apply for correction to an entry in electoral roll
Form8A – Apply for shifting the name from one assembly to another
12. Before you submit make sure that you have an passport size photograph scanned and an identity proof copy scanned
13. Do not forget to note down the new application id and concerned ERO name and number (Appears on upper right hand corner after submitting the form).
14. When you submit the application print an copy for your form.
15. If needed sign and dispatch it through post to ERO.

Source :