Friday, December 20, 2013

Remove Any Activation Code In Andriod

Many Andriod Application’s Need To be Activated.Remove Any Activation In Application Using Lucky Patcher !!
Lucky Patcher Apk. This android application helps you to break the Android Market License Verification and remove ads on android applications. Removing google ads from android application dramatically increase your battery life of your android device.You can also change permissions or you can completely rebuild permissions or rebuild apk completely. Also you can backup and restore any any android application and games.
You can use this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification.Just for rooted rooted android devices
  • Add new method “Make a license for Application”. It’s offline method – work for some apps;
  • Add new LVL pattern;
  • Add new ads pattern;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Translate update;
  1. Added support for TitaniumBackup, GoldenDict and another program with a Custom Patches.
  2. Custom Patches – Patches for this specific program written by me or by anyone in the file format txt. (These files should be put in the directory / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / – it is automatically created Lucky patcher and already has a few patches).
  3. Program, which is custom patch in the folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / move to the top of the list and are marked in yellow.
  4. In order to apply a custom patch to the program, you need long tapnut on it and select the menu “Custom patch apply!”
  5. If the patch is run for all the inscriptions will be green, but in the end it will give greetings and perhaps instructions, it will depend on person has made a custom patch.
  6. If you press the “Add for patch on reboot!” on the program contains a custom patch, boot the device will use this custom patch, rather than the standard rezalka license.
  7. Added ability to create installation packages apk, based on patch removal license verification, and advertising. The modified apk files are placed in a folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / Modified /

Download Latest Version Of Lucky Patcher Here


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