Friday, December 20, 2013

Protect Your Android From Spying

If you have a reason to spy on someone, they may also have a reason to spy on you too…and there is no point eavesdropping someone’s conversations and at the same time having them spy on you – this is the kind of situation where you think you are smart but end up realizing that you are not as such. Well, to make sure that no one will be spying on you, there are a couple of android anti spy applications that you can make use of:

Anti-Spy Mobile

With great advances in phone spying technologies and applications, anyone who’s got your cell phone number can easily install a monitoring application and keep track of all your text messages, calls and even location. A free antispyware application, Anti Spy Mobile makes sure that no one can do this. It scans your android smartphone for spy apps and removes them (if found). Although this is a free download application, you may upgrade to the professional version and get an automatic background and super-fast scanner, plus status bar notifications.

AntiSpy & Antivirus

AntiSpy and Anitvirus was designed to protect you from any android spy apps in the most effective way, AntiSpy is an advanced android application that notifies you anytime someone tries to spy on your phone. Unlike conventional spy apps which are not very thorough in exposing spy activities, AntiSpy detects spyware and notifies you in stealth mode, to make sure that the bad guy isn’t also alerted. This android spy app also protect your android mobile from virus which is an added advantage.


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