Monday, December 9, 2013

How to view locked Profile pictures on facebook?

As Many times you want to view profile picture of someone but you find it
locked !
So, here i will tell you a trick to view full image which is locked.
Go to profile and right click on profile image and select “copy image
Now open your notepad paste that link.
Which looks like :***30_100001******509_821****84_n.jpg
Now you have to change the size “160×160″ with 720×720 or 600×600 like below link.***30_100001******509_821****84_n.jpg
And the final step is to remove c0.0.160.160 from the URL and final URL will look like this:***30_100001******509_821****84_n.jpg
Now Paste that link in your browser !!

Thats It !! Now you could easily view profile pictures


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