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CollageIt Pro Edition v1.9.3 + key

1. download and install CollageIt

2. click on Help / Upgrade and enter Serial











Free Download Camtasia studio 8 with Serial Key

In this article i am going to show you how to get full version of Camtasia studio 8 for free.Camtasia Studio – a powerful utility for recording images from the video screen in different formats, you can edit the video, there is a built-in Macromedia Flash (SWF) and video players. Camtasia captures the action and sounds in any part of the Windows-systems and stores the file standard AVI.

• Made with the help of the program video can be exported to one of the supported formats – AVI, 
SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF, CAMV. In addition, based on any video can be compiled executive exe-file, which will include an embedded player.
• Camtasia Studio allows you to overlay a number of effects that can work with individual staff, facilitates the recording, editing and publishing of high-precision, compressed video for training, education, distance learning, decision support, product demonstrations, sales presentations, etc.
• To compress video developers Camtasia Studio suggest users to use their “firm” codec TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). This codec shows good results when encoding an image at any color depth. Its algorithm is minimum load on the system, so the codec can be used to encode, even on very weak configurations.
• Camtasia Studio includes four utilities: Camtasia MenuMaker, Camtasia Player, Camtasia Theater and Camtasia Recorder. To work with all of these tools is the main program interface.
• The scope of Camtasia Studio can be very different. According to the developers, the program can be useful, at least fifty different situations. It can be used to create interactive help files, demonstrations of new software features to record demos of applications and computer games, etc.

Key Features:
• Accurate recording of what is happening on the screen, including a record webcams, audio, system sounds, etc.
• Add a set of visual effects
• Pre-submission of written
• Add, cut, merge and split video clips
• Adding and editing audio
• Adding expression
• Versatile Publications
• Saving the finished video formats AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF and CAMV

How to Activate :
  • Download & Install Camtasia Studio for Here
  • Disconnect your internet connection
  • Use the below serial keys to activate
  • Type Name as DadH@ckers
Camtasia studio 8 Serial Keys

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Best Free Data Recovery Software + Keys

free-data-recovery-software-mainEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
The largest recovery capacity, the most powerful features:
  • Recover data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, improper operation etc.
  • Fully recover image, document, video, audio, email and more
  • Perform safe, quick and complete recovery
  • Easy-to-use, a few clicks to get all your data back
Download  software + key click here

Add Color To Your Folders

Bring a little color to your desktop with Folder Colorizer, a simple app that allows you toassign any color to your folders.
Folder Colorizer is very simple. There’s no main interface to speak of – instead, the app is integrated into your context menu. To use, simply right-click on a folder and pick a color under Colorize! - it couldn’t be easier. By clicking on Colors…, you’ll be able to manage your Folder Colorizer options. There’s a list of the default colors, and below the option to add new ones. If you don’t like a color, simply hit the ‘x’ in the top right corner.
To add a new color, pick one from the color wheel and hit +Add color. It goes without saying that Folder Colorizer also has an option to restore your folder’s original yellow.

best android terminal emulators

Shell Commander
Created using Eclipse, GIMP and Inkscape, Shell Commander is an easy-to-use shell that comes with a file explorer built right into it. With support for text editing, Shell commander makes it easy view, enter and modify commands. Furthermore, for those who love to play in the wilderness, the app also supports ‘sudo’, making it even more powerful. With more than 10K installs so far, Shell commander is freely available for download from the Android marketplace.
shell commander
Android Terminal Emulator (ATE)
Android Terminal Emulator is a free application that lets you access your Android’s built-in command shell whilst emulating the style of a Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal. Accessible on both rooted and non-rooted phones, the application can be used to run utility programs on your Android device. If at all the white-on-blue interface is hurting your eyes, the app also lets you customize fonts and colors of your emulator. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars in the marketplace, ATE has been downloaded more than a million times so far
android terminal emulator
Better Terminal Emulator Pro
Better Terminal Emulator Pro or BETP is an advanced multi-session Terminal Emulator and SSH client for your phone, tablet and Google TV. Available for rooted as well as non-rooted phones, BETP lets you run a huge set of Linux utilities right from your Android device. Not only does the application include BusyBox and BASH support, it also comes loaded with an SSH, Telnet and an FTP client. For those who love swiping across the keyboard, the app also includes support for Swype. Moreover, BETP is one of the very few apps that support such a wide range of devices including tablets, TVs and of course smartphones. The app is not free but considering the 4.6 out of 5 stars and the huge number of features that it comes packed with, BETP is definitely worth your hard-earned cash.
better terminal emulator
Script Manager
Script manager is a free Android application that doubles up as a script editor as well as a multi-terminal emulator. Not only does the application let you manage and execute shell scripts, it also allows you to schedule cron jobs, run scripts at boot-up and do much much more. Another unique thing about this emulator is that it lets you insert code into your scripts using QR codes. Once you’re done entering your commands, you can also share your output with your friends and colleagues (though, we can’t guarantee how your friends will react once you do that). Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, Script Manager has had over 50K downloads so far.
script manager

Remove Any Activation Code In Andriod

Many Andriod Application’s Need To be Activated.Remove Any Activation In Application Using Lucky Patcher !!
Lucky Patcher Apk. This android application helps you to break the Android Market License Verification and remove ads on android applications. Removing google ads from android application dramatically increase your battery life of your android device.You can also change permissions or you can completely rebuild permissions or rebuild apk completely. Also you can backup and restore any any android application and games.
You can use this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification.Just for rooted rooted android devices
  • Add new method “Make a license for Application”. It’s offline method – work for some apps;
  • Add new LVL pattern;
  • Add new ads pattern;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Translate update;
  1. Added support for TitaniumBackup, GoldenDict and another program with a Custom Patches.
  2. Custom Patches – Patches for this specific program written by me or by anyone in the file format txt. (These files should be put in the directory / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / – it is automatically created Lucky patcher and already has a few patches).
  3. Program, which is custom patch in the folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / move to the top of the list and are marked in yellow.
  4. In order to apply a custom patch to the program, you need long tapnut on it and select the menu “Custom patch apply!”
  5. If the patch is run for all the inscriptions will be green, but in the end it will give greetings and perhaps instructions, it will depend on person has made a custom patch.
  6. If you press the “Add for patch on reboot!” on the program contains a custom patch, boot the device will use this custom patch, rather than the standard rezalka license.
  7. Added ability to create installation packages apk, based on patch removal license verification, and advertising. The modified apk files are placed in a folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / Modified /

Download Latest Version Of Lucky Patcher Here

Protect Your Android From Spying

If you have a reason to spy on someone, they may also have a reason to spy on you too…and there is no point eavesdropping someone’s conversations and at the same time having them spy on you – this is the kind of situation where you think you are smart but end up realizing that you are not as such. Well, to make sure that no one will be spying on you, there are a couple of android anti spy applications that you can make use of:

Anti-Spy Mobile

With great advances in phone spying technologies and applications, anyone who’s got your cell phone number can easily install a monitoring application and keep track of all your text messages, calls and even location. A free antispyware application, Anti Spy Mobile makes sure that no one can do this. It scans your android smartphone for spy apps and removes them (if found). Although this is a free download application, you may upgrade to the professional version and get an automatic background and super-fast scanner, plus status bar notifications.

AntiSpy & Antivirus

AntiSpy and Anitvirus was designed to protect you from any android spy apps in the most effective way, AntiSpy is an advanced android application that notifies you anytime someone tries to spy on your phone. Unlike conventional spy apps which are not very thorough in exposing spy activities, AntiSpy detects spyware and notifies you in stealth mode, to make sure that the bad guy isn’t also alerted. This android spy app also protect your android mobile from virus which is an added advantage.

How Does Smartphones Work?

Smartphones exist in a the middle ground between a standard mobile phone, also known as a feature phone, and a full-fledged computer. Early smartphones simply combined some aspects of personal digital assistants, like email capability and basic productivity software, with a mobile phone, but modern smartphones contain a wide variety of powerful features designed to make your life easier and keep you connected to the people and systems that are important to you.

Calling Features

No matter how many other bells and whistles a smartphone features, at its heart it is still a mobile telephone. The calling features on a smartphone are fairly standard and typically include voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling. The phone feature will only operate while you are connected to an available wireless network, so it will not work if the only available connection is through Wi-Fi unless you have a Wi-Fi calling app set up.


Most smartphones have multiple ways to keep you connected. The most basic connection will usually be through your wireless carrier’s third generation (3G) wireless network. The 3G designation refers to CDMA, UMTS and HSDPA technology that transmits data considerably faster than the 2G technology available in the 1990s. Some modern smartphones can use a 4G network like an LTE, LTE-A, WiMax or HSPA+ network. Many smartphones also allow you to connect to an available Wi-Fi network to allow for much faster data transmission and to help relieve congestion from the carrier’s wireless network. A smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection will not use up its allotted data usage because the connection happens outside of the carrier’s network. Some smartphones even allow you to do the opposite, using your 4G wireless connection to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that other Wi-Fi-enabled devices can connect to the Internet through your smartphone. Carriers will charge extra to use this service, and all data used in this manner will count against your allotted gigabytes of data usage.

Email and Messaging

Your smartphone is designed to keep you connected to everything that’s important to you, and the included messaging functions are at the heart of that design. A smartphone’s email application can connect to the carrier’s basic email service, but it can also connect to a public email account or even a business’ Exchange server, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your email anywhere you have a wireless signal. Smartphones have the capability to send and receive SMS and MMS messages as well and often include a master inbox so that all your messages and email show up in the same place.


Applications have drastically changed the scope of smartphones over the past few years. While most smartphones initially came with a handful of pre-installed productivity apps, the advent of application stores like Apple’s iTunes Store and the Google Play store have created a vibrant market where smartphone users can download and install all manner of applications. These apps include pieces of productivity software, games, utility software and even social media apps, which leverage your smartphone’s connection to keep you notified of updates to your social networking sites. Some apps do require an fee to download them, but many are offered free of charge.


While the inclusion of a camera and video camera capabilities are not unique to smartphones, the quality of a smartphone camera and the functionality of the smartphone’s camera and video applications are far superior to what you will find on a regular cell phone. Smartphone cameras currently range as high as 8 megapixels and the included software can manipulate the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance and many other image settings. The software also allows you to edit your images and videos on the device without requiring that you download them to a computer first.

How to use Android as Wireless Mouse/Keyboard/trackpad

There is a special application called WiFi Mouse which help us to transform our android device into a wireless mouse,keyboard and trackpad.

Application Description :
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad using WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection.If you don’t have AP(WiFi hotspot), you can use android phone/PC as hotspot.


  •  Mouse cursor movement
  •  left and right click support
  •  Middle mouse button scroll
  •  Remote keyboard input
  •  PC/Mac hot keys and combination key(Pro only)
  •  Speech-to-text input for all languages
  •  Mouse & keyboard full screen
  •  Auto-connect on application startup
  •  Media player controller(Pro only)
  •  Explorer controller(Pro only)
  •  PPT Presentation controller(Pro only)
 Compatible with XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Mac OSX/Linux (Ubuntu)
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  •  Tap-to-click
  •  Tap and move for drag
  •  Two finger tap for right click
  •  Two finger scroll
  •  Pinch to zoom(pro)
  •  Three finger drag & drop or highlight
  •  Four finger swipe down to show desktop(Pro only)
  •  Four finger swipe up to maximise current window(Pro only)
  •  Four finger swipe sideways to change current window focus(Pro only)
  •  Left handed mouse support (swap left and right mouse click)

How to use :
  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is this application uses WiFi connection ,so in order to connect your PC and Android device they both need to be under same WiFi Network.You can use android phone as portable hotspot to connect it.
  • Now Download WiFi Mouse Server for your PC from Here
  • Install Mouse Server on PC, then Run it.
  • Run Wifi Mouse on Android device, then click "AutoConnect", or input IP address of PC and click "Connect", Click here to Download WiFi Mouse.
  • Now you are able to control PC. rotate Android Phone to Right to get full keyboard screen, or to Left to get full trackpad screen.

Offline Wikipedia For Android

Wikipedia uses a encrypted file which stores all wikipedia articles and which can be downloaded by anyone.Here’s come a way to use the wikipedia offline with just a download.This can be done with a software KIWIX.
  • Kiwix is an offline content reader which can be used for Wikipedia as well as other contents (Ubuntu documentation, WikiLeaks, WikiSource, WikiVoyage, etc).
  • Once you have downloaded the content file (potentially very large), you don’t need any connection to use it.
  • Kiwix is a lightweight software reading ZIM files (Wiki Offline Readable Files) which you download and store on your device or external storage (SD card).
  • Kiwix is also available on regular computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Download For Any Platform : click here