Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Increase Your Facebook Page Likes Using Magic Tagging..

Magic box is a trick mostly  used by the admins of Facebook pages.This trick is used for increasing likes or promoting facebook pages here I will discuss in detail.You have often seen  some pages like "see more" or "see who unfriends you on facebook" . When you click on these kind of pages , small facebook like buttons appear on your screen saying " like these buttons first " to see what you were looking for .Behind each like button , there is a hidden link of a facebook page which on clicking automatically likes the page without you knowing it . In this way a facebook page get more hits and fans automatically in no time . It is a very help full and reliable trick for promoting a facebook page in no time . If you have a facebook page on Facebook and want to promote it using this trick then just Read this article and you will also be able to make one for your page
1.First of all Download all the magic tagging codes from the LINK
2. After downloading, open the file, press CTRL+F and paste "Pagelinkhere" in the find what section like in the image below: 
3. Now Change the words "Pagelinkhere" with your first Facebook page link like http://www.facebook.com/tipsfollowers.tk. This is my page link.4. After pasting your first page link, click on find next and then again Change the words "Pagelinkhere" with your second Facebook page link.5. Keep on doing this until you have finished adding all your page links. 6. Okay so you guys have a Facebook page. In the Facebook search option, Search for Static XFBML to make a welcome tab for your page like in the image below 
7. Select the page you want to create the magic tagging application on.8.After your welcome tab has been created open it and paste all the magic tagging codes here in the non-fan content as well as fan content and click on save changes.And yew just created a magic tagging application for your Facebook page : ) 


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