Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to h@ck PC using PRORAT.

Hello everyone in today article we are going to see how to h@ck pc using PRORAT.
First of all Download PRORAT from here
Now i will tell you some feature of PRORAT.
PRORAT feature:
1. PC info of victim.
2. shutdown victim’s PC.
3. know password(facebook, messanger,FTP)
4. search for important file of victim.
5. take screenshot of victim
and many more. . .
So let’s start..
1. Once it is downloaded extract it. Enter the password “pro”
Click on the “Create” button in the bottom. Choose “Create ProRat Server”
Now put your IP address so that server could connect you and email id so that whenever victim
gets infected it will send you an email.

Next open “general settings” to continue.
we will choose the “server port” the programme will connect through, passwd you asked to
enter when the victim infected  and wish to connect with them and victim  name
Now click on “bind with file”. choose any intersting file like game so that victim will trust your file.
bindgame file

Now click on the “sever extension”. choose “.EXE”
choose a attractive server icon. Here you will choose an icon for your server file to have:
After this, press Create server, your server will be in the same folder as ProRat
Now your trojan is ready.  send it to your friend of girlfriend :-P
When the victim double click the file, his computer will be in your control.



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