Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to add a gadget to the mobile template

Hello guys ..well even i was in trouble with my blog..It does'nt shows Labels on mobile Phones ...
So while surfing I found how to add gadgets on Blog ..
Letz Start ...
First, check that mobile has been enabled for your blog, and that your mobile template is set up to show customizations:   go to the Template tab, click on the gear-wheel under mobile, tick Yes (for show mobile template), then select Custom, and press the Save button.

Add the gadget to your blog, in the usual way:  when you are choosing the parameters, make sure you think about the amount of screen-space that your mobile-readers will have to see it.

Find the gadget ID.

Edit your template: you don't need to expand the widgets.

Locate the gadget code, by searching for the ID you found (tip: use your brower's search function, eg ctrl/F). It will look something like this (slightly different, of course, if the gadget you are working on is of a different type):
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>
To show the gadget on the mobile version of your blog, add mobile='yes' to the code, like this:
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>

To show the gadget only on the mobile template and not to desktop users, add mobile='only' to the code, like this:
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' mobile='only' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>

Save the changes.

Use either a mobile device (ideally), or another tool that lets you test blogs as they would appear on different screen sizes, to check that the gadgets are showing as you think they should.


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