Tuesday, November 12, 2013

H@ck a Facebook account- Tab napping attack(advance Phishing attack)

As you know that phishing attack to h@ck a facebook account is now unsuccesful as it’s been detected by facebook.
So ,now i will tell you a new attack to h@ck facebook accounts…
Are u ready guys..?
let’s start…
this attack is called tab nappping(advanced phishing attack)
Actually tab napping is a script which is when put on your blog or site by you and victim visits
it(for playing games or reading articles or anything else) when victim opens a new tab for help(how to play or read full article),after 4-5 seconds when he
return to previous tab, then victim will be redirected to facebook login page. when
As victim types username and password , it will be send to you..
(Note:-New tab for help is also you have to provide in order to distract the victim for few seconds.)
1. download tab napping file from here
2.Upload to free webhosting site like 000webhost, 110mb.com etc

3. The website contain a game and send your website address(your tab napping website
where you upload all the files) to victim and tell him/her that if your are smart then
play this game and win the prize. And tell him that for tips(help) how to play it, Go to google

4.when victim came back to the website , it will be automatically redirected and saying
them to login with facebook account to continue.
5.When your victim log in with facebook account then password will saved in your
website and he/she will be redirected to main game page.
6.Now just open www.example.com/fb/password.html and you will see the email
and passwords.


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