Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Create a WIFI Hotspot fro your PC/Computer without using any Software

If you are having any smartphone then you would definitely love this article Coz i will show you how to turn your PC/Computer to a WiFi Hotspot.

So Lets get Started :

First you have to check availability that the Hosted Network Mode is supported or Not/
Run Cmd as Administrator - Type 
netsh wlan show drivers - Enter

If you find Hosted Network Support  : yes then you can create Hotspot !!

Now we have to create Connection
type the Command to created Connection
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<Name of Hotspot> key=<8 character password>

After the connection is Created you will get a success Note like Below

Now we have to start the connection 
Type - netsh wlan start hostednetwork 

Click Enter & Check that the Hosted Network is started or Not ..
If you are getting any Problem uninstall the wifi driver from device manager & reboot Pc ..

Now we have to Enable Sharing of Internet
Goto Control Panel - Network & Sharing Center - You will see the following Window

Click the Network as shown in above Figure

Go to Properties

Select Sharing Tab CLick Allow Internet Sharing & select your Network

That's it !! Now you can enjoy WiFi Hotspot on your PC/Computer.


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