Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Hide Last Seen/Online Status features in Whatsapp :

1. First of all, you need to Open whatsapp app in your iPhone.

2. Go to whatsapp Settings.

3. Now go Chat Settings > Advanced > Last Seen Timestamp Off 
4. Now this feature take 24 hours to effect, also take 24 hours to toogle it back. After that no one trace your  last seen time. If you are online that it appear as Online.

5. Now if want to hide Online Status, follow simple steps
When you open whatsapp your online time is saved by app, and it appears your whatsapp profile to your friends or other user account, So basically you need to do following,
  • First you want to Disable your Data or any other internet connaction
  • Now Open whatsapp app and read message.
  • Now Exit whasapp app completely
  • Enable your Data or any other internet connection.

Now your Last Sennis not updated, Enjoy

Your also Download Whatsapp not Last Seen &
 Whatsapp Last Seen and Lock for android in Google Play Store. Also download Whatsapp Tools Whatsapp widgets from Goolge Play Store.


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