Friday, October 18, 2013

Facebook Spammer v0.1 [Download Link Below]:

This is a very simple program I wrote out of boredom and after reading an article about world records.
They said that the world record for most comments on a single facebook post was only 1 million and had only 107 people participating.
I was shocked that that was the best they could do... and I did some math and realized I could beat it BY MYSELF in about 5 days.
Then I realized if I handed this out and got even a couple people involved, we should be able to easily double or triple it :)
The program needs browser focus so sadly you cant just leave it running in the background (At the Moment) but I'll look into changing that later today.
For now, you can download this program and point it to any text file or whatever and it will read through it line by line.
From the ReadMe:
Hey guys! Good luck on breaking facebook!
The program will read through any file line by line and post to your fb.
To begin, I included bloodninja.txt that you can use with the program.
Just extract to a folder and put the following in each line:
Path to File: bloodninja.txt
Delay in Milliseconds: 1000
And click Start Spamming!
After you click the button, you have 5 seconds to click on "Enter Comment" on FB.
Just put your cursor in the text box and the program will do the rest.
Experiment with different Delays if you want!
To stop the program, simply click on it in your task bar and it should automatically click Stop Spamming (since it presses Enter every second)
To find the official Facebook Spam post, Click Here


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