Friday, October 18, 2013

DTPhonePwn [Download Link Below]:

This program is a Text Message/Email "Bomber"
Basically, it allows you to send hundreds of texts or emails a minute easily.
In order to work it requires an SMTP server, the easiest of which to setup and use in my opinion is Gmail. Basically all you need is a GMAIL account, and if you plan on using it to spam someone's phone, I suggest you create a throwaway account; it takes only a few seconds. Any replies to the texts you send will show up in the email inbox, so you can use it legitimately to send texts from your computer; but there are more convenient ways to do this in my opinion.
You can enter the SMTP Server and Port in the provided boxes. If you're using an SMTP server besides GMAIL, you can enter these manually; otherwise, just leave them as is.
After that, enter your Email and Password in the boxes.
Selecting the target phone number is a bit tricky. Unfortunately, I haven't coded it to resolve carriers (something I imagine I'd have to incorporate with a 'guess and check' method for resolution). Fortunately there are already tools at our disposal to determine a cell phone carrier:
In addition, you can find Carrier lists Here
The format for an AT&T number, for example, is
Enter the phone number you wish to text, the subject and message, and click send. Your firewall may flip out at you momentarily, as it connects to the internet, and you have to allow it to connect.
If you get an error, I'll work to get some forums online shortly.
I literally JUST created this site, so bear with me!
Feel free to email me:
I've tested it on Windows 7 but I'd imagine it should work on other versions of windows provided you have the required .NET files downloaded. If any of you run into problems with not having the required .NET stuff, I'll see if I can't help you get it resolved.
Given the generous donations ClamTXT has received, I'm also open to receiving donations ^.^; I'm just a college student, and I paid for hosting out of pocket. If you're just a kid and you have no money, just take the program and enjoy. If you're feeling generous, or you have something to give, I will do my best to keep this site AD free and make regular updates to this program if it becomes popular enough.


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