Saturday, October 19, 2013

C program Memory Space Eater virus

I am going to show you a C program that eats memory from Hard drive. This virus is able to eat the memory space 1 GB per minute. So Becareful with this virus.

How to Run this ?      

  1. Download and install the Turbo C
  2. copy this code into notepad
  3. and save the file with .c extension (for eg: spaceater.c)
  4. copy the file to C:\TC\BIN folder
  5. now open the command prompt
  6. navigate to the C:\TC\BIN folder in cmd (if you don't know about how to do this comment here, ask in my forum).
  7. type as "tcc file.c" (replace the file with your file name for eg: tcc spaceater.c).
  8. That's all you finished
  9. Now go to C:\TC\BIN folder
  10. you can find the .exe will with your file name (for eg: spaceater.exe)
  11. Don't open it. then it will attack you.
  12. If you suppose became the victim of virus,then do this:
  13. go to start->run
  14. type as "%systemroot%system32
  15. and search for "spaceshot.dll"
  16. Remove that file.


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