Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Login With Multiple Orkut/Gmail/Yahoo Id In Firefox

Login With Multiple Orkut/Gmail/Yahoo Id In Firefox

Here I have Created a simple tutorial to show you how to login with Multiple Orkut/Gmail or Yahoo Idat the same time using Firefox Browser.This is simple h@ck that you will love to do if you are a Firefox Lover.By doing this you can login with Multiple Ids for any mail service.
So Here we go,
1.Right Click on My Computer–>Properties–>Choose Advanced Tab.
2.Click Environment variables button.Under System Variables section, Click new.

3.Now type this information to each textbox.
variable name: moz_no_remote
variable value: 1
4.Press ok.
5.Now Right Click Firefox icon in desktop Select Properties.
dd extension -p to command line(like “c:program filesmozilla firefoxfirefox.exe” -p).
As i have shown in the below screenshot
7.Press ok.
8.Now Open the Firefox it will ask for Choose Profile.
9.Now you can Create a new Profile by clicking Create Profile Button.
10.After Creating a Profile,select any one Profile for using Firefox.
11.So by selecting Other Profile you can simultaneously login to two accounts of any(orkut,yahoo,rediffor anything else)….…
Note:You can increase you Create more Profiles for accessing more than 2 accounts simultaneously.


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