Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Compress 1GB into 10MB ??

How to Compress 1GB into 10MB  ??

kgb-sarchiver-9KGB is an open source compression tool like 7-zip etc. but the compression rate is much better then any other compression tool. It uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt archives. Perform a File Compression with Maximum Settings..
Pros : 
1. Highest Compression Ratio
2. Accurate Results -> No data loss or damage..
Cons :
1. Much time is required to Compress/Decompress the data compared to 7-zip/WinZip/WinRAR
Minimum System Requirements:
Fast 1.5GHz Processor PIV or Better and 1 GB RAM
Recommended System Requirements:
Fast Processor Dual Core with 1.5GHz Clock Speed + 2GB RAM (For Windows 7/8 32 bit)
NOTE: In order to Install this Software on Windows 7 or 8, You’ll need to Right Click on the Installation .MSI file and then select Troubleshoot Compatibility or Under the Properties, Change to Run the Installation to Earlier Version of Windows than Windows 7 or 8
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you can just google it and download it free :)


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