Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to appear online to limited people on Facebook Chat:

 Just follow the simple steps given below. I have supported the steps with example screenshots. So that you don’t find any difficulty in making your own list.
Step 1 : After you login your Facebook account, Just go to Account -> Edit Friends (Arrow 1). Now you can see a option called as Create List (Arrow 2) as shown in below screenshot.
facebook chat
Step 2 : Now click on create a list to make your own list. And give any name and start adding your friends in it. Just as shown below.
facebook chat
Step 3 : After creating list, Now you can see all your created lists in the Account Page -> Edit Friends as seen below. You can create as many as you can and save them. Just like the below screenshot.
Step 4 : Now go to the facebook chat , where you can see all the lists which your have created already. After going to your chat, Just check that there is a green capsule beside each and every list which you have created. That green capsule will allow you to enable and disable the chat when ever required and keep you away from people whom you don’t wont to appear online to.
 facebook chat
Now you can see clearly that except bloggers in the above list, I will appear offline to all others are people in my Dacebook. That’s it, So simple and easy to understand.

If at all you have a problem with your new Facebook chat box, Then you can get back your old Facebook chat box easily. 


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