Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beware of a fraud website) is yet another site promising user to earn online by referring scheme. The attractive banners, ads of website promising to make 3-figure or 4- figure money in a month always compels users to try and after that they work hard till they come to know that it’s another fake website. Earning online is never as easy as these website offers atleast for the users but I am sure the site owners earn good money by getting their work done by no-paid workers like us. is one of such website. Before I reveal you the truth about the, let’s know how actually it works. as mentioned on site is US based company which pays you for every unique visit from your referral link. Website offers 3-tier earning in which you earn even if your friends and friends of friends works and you sit idle. Setup in 2010, it is paying users twice a month through PayPal, Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer and many other ways (don`t know whether they are real or just an image on home page). It offers free registration and pays when income reach 20$ or more. That`s sound pretty impressive.
Let`s know the real truth about

My Case Study:

  1. Home-Page:

    When I was reading the home page about  their procedure and payment methods, I found an alphabetical mistake. They have mentioned on the left hand side- 3 Tier Earning. Oh! Sorry 3 Tire Earning. I don`t know which tire they are talking about. The correct spelling should be tier. Don`t they have time even to read their HOME PAGE atleast once. See image for reference.
    Conclusion: This shows that they are least concerned about the site. I have not seen any good site with such silly mistakes.
    Screenshot:Wrong Tier Spelling
  2. Domain Purchase Date:

    Another point that I find strange is the domain purchase and expiration date. The company claims to be in market since 2010 and domain was purchased on May 10, 2013. That`s amazing that company who make money by referring scheme has no website for the last 3 years. Another thing, domain expires in 2014 exactly after 1 year from date of purchase. I doubt, if they have bought domain for free or by a coupon for a year just to try if they can fool people. See image below showing the details of domain.
    ScreeShot: Domain Details
  3. Term & Conditions:

    There is no page regarding terms and policy for users. Only they have mentioned one thing that they have an anti-cheat system. But while redeeming money, they raise conditions that force user to forget his earned money. As my friends worked for them, they have mentioned them below.
  4. No Payment Proof:

    They have not given any single cheque proof on website and saying that they have paid more than 40,000$ to Indians. Adding a simgle proof won`t affect their privacy and security.

Friend`s Review:

Prateek Sharma: is completely fraud. I have made 500$ by referring to my friends. But when it comes to pay they have raised conditions like survey filling in which you have to pay to confirm yourself as human (I was asked to by 4 DVDs of 9$ for each and shipping charges extra). Later on, they mentioned that this site only pays to US and Canada citizens. Nobody pays you so easily.

Vinayak Sharma:

They give you survey to fill which was nothing than another trick to fool people. They are selling their own products and the cost of that stuff was more than I earned. Even few purchase that. They are just paying us nothing.

At last: is not only fraud site on web. This post is not made to aware about VisitProfit, You can take it as an example to check legitimacy of any site before working on it.
Google site and see if it has any article claiming it to be fraud, read and check if user has stated the right reasons.
If you know any other site which fooled while paying or if you have doubt about any website , you can comment it`s name in comments and I will give a full review.


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