Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Access Blocked Website in Your school or College

Access Blocked Website in Your school or College

Go to run cmd->type ping <website> hit enter
then u will get the ip Adress of the website
just copy paste the ip address in the browser...

If you are a student or an employer, there could be some website not accessible in your office / school. This happens simply because your school or office have blocked access to those website. Here are some simple tips to access blocked website in your school, college, home or office.
Currently, there are many website blocked in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tibet, Pakistan and many other countries. Among the popular site blocked are Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Blogspot blogs, Orkut, Beebo and many other blogs and website.
Enter the URL of the website in Google search engine and press search button. When you see the site listed in result page, click on the link ‘Cached’ You will be able to see the cached version of the blocked website. To increase the browsing speed of cached version, you can click on the link “Cached Text Only” which only load the texts of the website.
Another best method is to browse the blocked website through a Anonymous Surfing free proxy server. There are many free proxy server websites are availiable. You can simply type the web address of the blocked website and press enter. Anonmous surfer will use one of the availiable proxy server and display your desired website. You can always find the new list of free proxy serverwebsite for accessing blocked website in your office or school.
Click here to see a Collection of Around 200 Proxy Sites.
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