Sunday, August 18, 2013

Increase Any Size Pen Drive Or Memory Card Space Upto 4 GB

Hi guys today i'm gonna show you how to increase your pen drive or Memory card storage capacity. This trick will only stores data upto its real capacity means 2gb or 1gb but it shows 4 gb in your windows explorer.  Just follow my easy steps:

  1. Download the file Drive and extract it. (Download link is shortened via lnx, so don't forget to click on "SKIP AD" in top right corner)
  2. Format your Pen drive/ Memory card else it'll not work. (To format a Right click on your Pen drive/ Memory card and select format)
  3. Open driver Increaser folder and double click on Driver Increaser 2 and run it.
     4. Enter your Pen drive/ Memory card name 
increase your pen drive or Memory card space
    5. Now, You will be prompted to put the Drive Letter, Go back to your My Computer, You should see it                  like this (G:) or (H:) or anything with your  Pen drive/ Memory card name. If its (G:), Just Type G in the software and hit Enter, It will ask you to Enter it Again, Do just that and Press Enter Again.

    6. After pressing enter make sure that some info comes written in Red. This is just a warning message only, just ignore it.

Done, Now watch out the drive space.

Note: This trick doesn't increase your pen drive storage capacity. 


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