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Increase Android Gaming Performance To Play HD Games On Low-End Devices (ARMv6 And ARMv7)

Increase Android Gaming Performance To Play HD Games On Low-End Devices (ARMv6 And ARMv7)

In this post, I will show you "How to play HD games on Low-end and mid range android smart phones and tablets. I mentioned ARMv6 and ARMv7 in the heading because of  these processors cause graphic related problems than other ones. But you can run this script on any android processors/ device to boost performance.  This engine will solve any lags and crashes on games, heavy apps and so on. Which most of the mid-range android gamer's have always wanted. This engine is designed to run in the background real time with android RAM management, therefore it should not be used with any other script applications. This trick will work on all android ROM's,  make sure your ROM should be clean Installed Without Super Charger or any other scripts which instilled on init.d.
                         Also you need root access and Busy Box to run this script, you can check root access of your device using Root Checker Android App. RTMixManager Script is developed by Lenarox from XDA, all credits goes to him. In RTMixManager, RT stands for Realtime ram management and Mix for LMK Booster, Dalvik Booster, RPEngine parts, MPEngine9 etc. Watch a video below, please note that the script showing in below video is a previous version. So you may find difference in steps mentioned here, but it too easy follow the instructions what the script says, and it'll all be okay! Also the lag in video is due to my screen recorder. I can't find a proper screen recorder for android, If you know any good one let me know in comments.

Download following Scripts before starting Installation: 
  1. Script Manager Android App
  2. BusyBox
  3. VM Lag Tuner MP4 (3.04 KB)
  4. LazerDroid 2.5 (5.62 KB)
  5. RTMixManager (New Version 14-May-13: 60 KB)
  • Open "Script Manager- SManager" android app and go to:
Options -> Advanced -> Configuration -> Tap Browse As Root. And Allow Superuser Permission.
  • Select all above downloaded files and copy them in a new folder in the SdCard. To view folders and texts properly you may be need to increase browser zoom of  SManager application by going:
Options-> Advanced -> Configuration -> SM File Browser-> Browser Zoom-> Enter 20 and press OK.
  • Browse to new folder from SManager app and Open VMLagTuner_1_9.MP4.pdf As Script/Executable. 
  • A window like below will popup, Tap on Su (Super User) and Boot (Only for this script)
  • Now click on Run. It's doesn't execute any script, just hit back button and open LaserDroid_2_5.pdf as script/Executable and Tap on "Su". Run this script by tapping "Run" button.
  • You Will get Some Access Denied in Script ,Dont Panic. It is due to new updated Smanager app.
Installing Game Engines:
  • Open AsScript/Executable And Run It (Don't forget to tap on "Su"). 
It gives you 3 options "install (i), reboot (r) or quit (q), Just type "i " (without quotes) and enter and accept terms and conditions by typing (a), After you will get this messages

1. where would you like to install?"
Ans: Select init.d (i), Some android devices may not support this loop script, and the preferred method to run this wonderful script is to: CHOOSE THE XBIN MODE. If you choose XBIN mode, you need to run script manually:

  1. Open up terminal emulator (i don't recommend Smanager cause it doesn't work with ampersand.)
  2. Type su and enter
  3. Enter rtmixman and enter
  4. Leave it running in the background.
  5. Done! You need to run this script manually every time you want to play game. But If you installed it in init.d, script will be automatically executed right after booting the kernel.
2. How would you like to install it?
Ans: Select easy way by typing 'e' and enter

Now you greeted with a Table Of Contents. You can select your preferred installation type from here. If you are a gamer select Game Package (g) or you want a multitasking phone select Multitasking Package (m) and also you can select full package if you want to install all engines (Rapid store boot technology 2.1, MP Engine Integrated, AP Boost and Core Engine 2.1). Select your favorite package by typing g/m/f. Now the script will install engines on your android device. After installing script a ReadMe file automatically opens, just press back button and come back to our script. Just restart your phone and enjoy almost all HD Games without lag on your smart phone.


Installation directory's:

init.d Installation:
/system/etc/usrsettings /system/etc/readme.html

Xbin Installation:

Check if there are any one of these files that contains loads of blah blah, then this script installed successfully on your android device. If you have bricked your device after reboot (There is no chance), download and flash! This will return your rom's status into right before you install this script.Also bookmark this page and come back later to check new version. Comment here below if you have any doubts.

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