Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Hide IP address | Change IP address

How to Hide IP address | Change IP address

Hi readers I am back with another tutorial. In this tutorial I will teach you how to hide your IP address and surf internet anonymouslyHiding your IP address is really important when it comes to H@cking. You must hide your original IP address while trying to h@ck something.
Hiding your IP address will prevent the legal authorities from tracing you back.
It will also prevent from other h@cker’s attacks. That is why one should seek for the maximum anonymity while surfing or h@cking online.
Some h@ckers use web based proxies or port proxies but those proxies are not useful and even use of these proxies lead to a security loop. Owner of that proxy can set a data sniffer on its server so what so ever you do will be recorded. All your login details or any other data will be logged there.

Disadvantages of FREE proxies :

1) They are really slow.
2) They are harmful and will surely lead to your own security loop.
3) They are not completely anonymous – You can still be tracked down by legal authorities.

Instead of using Free web based proxies I myself use HMA Pro VPN. This tool by HMA is uber cool.
Advantages of HMA pro VPN :
1) Proxies are completely anonymous. No one can trace you back if you are using paid version of HMA pro VPN.
2) You can change your ip address every minute. They have got an option which automatically changes your ip address after specific time interval.
3) You can choose proxies of specific countries. Just one click and it will change your ip address to a specific country’s IP address.
4) The data transferred is encrypted automatically so that no one else can see what we are doing which is the best part about this HMA Pro VPN.

Hide My ass Pro VPN | How to change your IP address
Hide My ass Pro VPN | How to change your IP address
So guys now you know why this HMA pro VPN is useful. I am so happy with its use that I have bought a 1 year license program. This surely is the best proxy service available. I personally suggests you to buy this and improve your online anonymity.


  1. You have told the exact disadvantages of using free proxies. I don't recommend it either.

    Hiding IP address is the necessity of the Internet surfers because of continuous threat of hackers keeping an eye on them.

    Silvester Norman
    Change MAC Address